Only in the movies...

I'm happy to announce that I am part of a new restaurant concept. It's called Four Story Burger!, and is located within the Emagine Palladium Building in Birmingham. 

I'm the executive chef and it's been great developing the menu for this concept – a burger joint located within a movie theater, combining my favorite things – dinner (with really good, food (made from scratch), and a movie. And with a full bar with fun specialty drinks to boot. 


At Four Story Burger!, we know that the secret to cooking up a great burger is all about fresh, quality ingredients. No science fiction. Just an honest, tasty sandwich in a casual and fun environment. Located on the fourth floor of the Emagine Palladium building in downtown Birmingham, our big idea is to serve up a super-tasty piece of iconic American culture: Hamburgers & french fries with a side of cinematic history. We create a truly unique and memorable dining experience for our guests while paying homage to all of our cinematic favorites.

And if a burger isn't quite your thing, Four Story Burger! still has a sandwich for you – like The Clucking Menace, a grilled chicken sandwich topped with shaved ham, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and Annabel's house-made horseradish mustard; or the Sandwich From Another Dimension, a grilled veggie sandwich with eggplant, zucchini, sautéed mushrooms, onions, red peppers, baby spinach, feta cheese and a sweet red pepper aioli. All sandwiches at Four Story Burger! are crafted with locally baked breads and buns from Crispelli's Bakery and served with a side of house-made pickles.

And starting soon, Four Story Burger! will be preparing hand-formed pizzas, cooked Annabel-style in a way-cool brick oven. 

Four Story Burger!

209 Hamilton Row, Birmingham, MI 48009